Soteria CDC 5K Run for Reentry

APRIL 16-18, 2021


Run to support men and women working to successfully reenter society.

This April 16-18, we invite you to take part in our virtual 5K where people all over the country have an opportunity to take a stand for social justice.

Join us. Run.

  • Run to create awareness of mass incarceration.
  • Run to support those working to successfully reenter society.
  • Run to say to every individual with a criminal record that the past does not define the future.

Run for friends, family members, classmates – anyone who is reentering and/or has already successfully reentered society.

7,500 reenter annually in SC alone. 600,000 in America.

Who do you run for?

Make a stand. Register for our 5K and help us spread the word so that we can have as many people as possible representing individuals working to reenter society after incarceration.

Here’s how:

  • Register (by March 22 to recieve your tshirt!)
  • Spread the word (Share this link: )
  • Walk/Run 3.1 miles over the weekend of April 16 in your Race tshirt
  • Post selfies in your Race tshirt with the hashtag #runforreentry


Register by March 22 to receive a Tshirt!

Soteria 5K Tshirt

With your tshirt, we’ll include a sticker so that you can write a specific person’s name if you like and cover the word “Reentry” on your tshirt so that it says “I run for Jonathan” or “I run for Jimmy” or any name you like.

Register today!

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