Creating Employment Opportunities and Funding

Grants and the funding streams are drying up, so in order for non-profits to sustain themselves, they have got to become more entrepreneurial.

– Jerry Blassingame, Unlocked

GreenStart is a Soteria CDC social enterprise that was created for two purposes: to provide a funding stream to support Soteria’s other work and to create employment opportunities. Through countywide deconstruction, reclamation and furniture production operations, we create jobs for individuals who have been recently released from incarceration and are residing in transitional housing.

Individuals are recruited from Soteria House, our transitional housing program, and from various other agencies by referral, which are operating transitional housing and serving disadvantaged individuals. GreenStart employs both male and female employees who are referred to as interns. All interns must complete four weeks of structured job readiness classes prior to being placed on the job.


GreenStart’s mission is to provide transitional job opportunities to people who face significant obstacles to employment. It includes countywide deconstruction and reclamation services that contribute to sustainability within the community.


GreenStart will foster positive partnerships within the Greenville County neighborhoods and business communities to establish long-term sustainable and financial support. The program will also provide both transitional job opportunities to people who face significant obstacles to employment and a countywide service to Greenville County.


GreenStart aims to ensure that its interns have access to gainful employment. The activities include:

  • Recruiting motivated individuals
  • Building a framework for success
  • Developing skills and experiences for lasting careers
  • Creating real opportunities through quality employment
  • Sustaining real and lasting success


Through the program, we aim to achieve the following:

  • Reduced recidivism by helping returning offenders find work and access to other critical services in their communities
  • Job creation and income flow by helping the individuals to become gainfully employed to pay off debts, purchase a home, or pursue educational goals
  • Opportunities for disadvantaged individuals to develop professionally and gain work experience through transitional or long-term job placement
  • The implementation of a reclamation service that will aim to divert waste from landfills

Since the GreenStart deconstruction program began in March 2014, we have salvaged:

Pounds of Copper
Pounds of Aluminum
Pounds of Steel
Hand-hewn beams

Deconstruction Programs

Our deconstruction program provides a sincere opportunity for individuals to learn and apply new skills, earn money, improve their long-term job prospects, and make a real difference in the community. From taking apart condemned structures to preparing spaces for new construction, our team is skilled in the selective dismantlement of building components, specifically for reclamation. In this way, it also supports our reclamation and wood furniture programs

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Reclamation Programs

Our reclamation program is directly related to the materials salvaged from our deconstruction program.  We believe that good resides within everyone and everything, no matter their history. The materials we collect are repurposed and restored, bringing new life and purpose to them.  Examples of some of our furniture works involving salvaged wood can be found on our Reclaimed Wood page.

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