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Here at Soteria, we specialize in building wood furniture and decorations out of reclaimed wood. The idea of recycling and repurposing antique wood originated from our Greenstart initiatives and is an initiative that we hold very closely. We are always looking to serve  individual requests so if you have a project in mind, feel free to inquire below!

Antique Lumber for Sale

In addition to construction projects, we also sell reclaimed lumber by the board. If you are considering starting a project, there is a high chance that we have the wood you are looking for!

Description Price*
Grey Barn Wood Siding (unpainted) $5 sq ft
Grey Barn Wood Siding (painted) $4 sq ft
Hickory Siding $9+ sq ft
Non-Hickory Rustic Siding $6-10 sq ft
Old Growth White Oak Siding $5-6 sq ft
Heart Pine Tabletops $45-50 sq ft
Rustic Heart Pine Tabletops $55+ sq ft
Old Growth Hickory Tabletops $50+ sq ft
Rustic Heart Pine Flooring $7+ sq ft
Oak Flooring $7+ sq ft
Pine Bead Board $2 sq ft
Hand Hewn Beams $4 bd ft
Non-Hand Beams Beams $3 bd ft
**Prices Subject to Change

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