The Plight of Incarcerated Women

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“Where will I live? Are all my clothes where I left them? How will I get a decent job with these charges? How will I navigate the DSS system to get my children back? How do I make a change from the way I used to do things, so I won’t end up back here?

All of these are questions we, as women, have on our mind as we “calendar watch” counting down the days until we hear our names called. The moment you are no longer a number and you resume your born identity is when reality sets in and your mind goes into “survival mode”. You set on a journey to reclaim your identity as a human and reclaim your life as a citizen.” – Denise Patterson-Jones, Director of Operations for Soteria CDC

To serve women navigating the obstacles of reentry as they journey back into society, Soteria CDC will open a 16 bed transitional housing facility for women in the Spring.

Reentry services are much needed as Greenville County incarcerates more women than any other county in South Carolina. Our ministry will help women successfully transition from incarceration to being productive mothers, daughters, grandmothers, and citizens. We will mirror our men’s program as we offer housing, job training and life skill classes. Each woman will also have a mentor that will walk with her through her transition.

This facility was made possible by our generous philanthropy community and faith partners. The Symmes and Jolley foundations contributed alongside Westminster Presbyterian Church, our biggest donor for the project. Westminster has also partnered to correspond with potential residents and provide mentors. We are so thankful for our partners and look forward to expanding our services in the Upstate.

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